Violet Tungsten Oxide Molecular Structure

Violet Tungsten Oxide Picture

Violet tungsten oxide has complex molecular weight, mainly includes [WO6] and [WO7]. [WO6] is octahedral structure, every tungsten ion is close to six oxygen ion, tungsten ion is in the middle, every oxygen ion is close to the two tungsten ions. [WO7] is decahedron structure, similar to [WO6], tungsten ion is in the center and closed to 7 cations, every oxygen ion is closed to the two tungsten ions.

VTO WO6 and WO7 molecular structure imageVTO molecular structure

Molecular structure, or molecular shape, is based on spectroscopic data to describe the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in the molecule. To a large extent, the molecular structure affects the reactivity, polarity, phase, color, magnetism and biological activity of chemical substances.