APT Wet Hydrogen Reduction Producing Violet Tungsten Oxide

Violet Tungsten Oxide Picture
VTO photo

APT wet hydrogen reduction producing violet tungsten oxide uses APT as raw material under wet hydrogen atmosphere, producing method: Put a certain amount of APT in boat, then put into the high-temperature zone of the reduction furnace, at the same time add a certain percentage of hydrogen and steam mixture, heating to the specified temperature and appropriate time, cooling down to room temperature. Keep the same gas flow during the process of heating, insulation and cooling, violet tungsten oxide is obtained.

During APT wet hydrogen reduction producing violet tungsten oxide process, violet tungsten oxide grain size is affected by following factors:
1.Raw material grain size: the smaller the grain size of raw material is, the smaller violet tungsten oxide will be.
2.Steam and hydrogen partial pressure ratio: Grain size grows with increase of steam and hydrogen partial pressure ratio.
3.Heating rate: Grain size grows with faster heating rate.
4.Reduction temperature: Grain size grows with higher reduction temperature.
5.Reduction time: Grain size grows with longer reduction time.
6.Material thickness: Grain size grows with thicker material layer.