Doped violet tungsten oxide

Violet Tungsten Oxide Picture

Doped violet tungsten oxide (VTO, W18O49) is adding the compounds with some other elements in the preparation of VTO; and also the way of adding oxide of some other elements in violet tungsten oxide, then treat with a certain process can also get doped violet tungsten oxide. Studies have indicated that doping is the excellent method to modify VTO with a better property, like gas sensitive, catalyzing and others.

The normal doped violet tungsten oxides (VTO) are doping titanium (Ti), vanadium (V) and molybdenum (Mo), and show their own properties since the different doping elements, like:
1. Compared to the pure phase W18O49, titanium doped violet tungsten oxide has more electron transfer in the NO2/Ti-W18O49 system, which indicates that the titanium doped improves the violet tungsten nanowires gas sensitivity;
2. When vanadium doped violet tungsten oxide nanowires contacts NO2, it will show abnormal p type response property, and show obvious sensitive response and good stability to thin PPB level NO2 gas;
3. Molybdenum doped violet tungsten oxide (Mo-W18O49) as catalyst has been proved to have excellent catalytic and hydrogen producing activity.

As the wide band gap n-type semiconductor material, tungsten oxide WOx(x=2:625~3) has very wide application prospect in gas sensitive, electrochromic, photochromism, photoelectric and catalyst and other fields. Especially W18O49, i.e., WO2.72, due to the surface rupture richer than the other tungsten oxides and the special rod- like structure, it has been extensively studied.