Violet Tungsten Oxide Producing Tungsten Powder

Violet Tungsten Oxide Picture

In recent years, consumption of fine and medium fine tungsten powder increased year by year in and abroad. Most factories produce fine tungsten powder by lower the material thickness of yellow tungsten oxide or blue tungsten oxide, or enlarge hydrogen flow, it results in the low production capability and increase energy consumption. It turns out that, apart from hydrogen reduction, structure and property of raw material will affect tungsten power grain size. Use violet tungsten oxide can produce fine or medium fine tungsten powder by saving time and cost.

Weigh 2 batches of blue tungsten oxide and violet tungsten oxide, use two different kinds of boat charge, load them into little boat evenly with the same size. After that, place in parallel in a large boat of an industrial hydrogen reduction furnace. According to the field production of fine-grained tungsten powder hydrogen reduction process, reduce tungsten oxide to get tungsten powder.